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Elected Officers

David Rocha, Chairperson

Brian Fennessy, Vice-Chairperson


This Metropolitan Fire Chiefs (“Metro Chiefs”) Section is organized a Section of the California Fire Chiefs Association pursuant to General Non-Profit Corporation Law of the State of California.

The purpose of this Metro Chiefs Section is to further the collaboration and professional advancement of the fire service to ensure and maintain greater prevention and protection of life and property from fire, natural and human caused disaster, or other sudden

RSS Daily Dispatch: California News

  • Porterville firefighter writes book to educate children about fire March 5, 2021
    Porterville Firefighter Larry Segovia, who has been with the department for the past 10 years, is on a new mission, one he's proud to share with the community. Segovia has published his first children’s book, “Is Fire a Tool?”, to help children recategorize fire as a tool and not a toy. Segovia’s 28-page children’s book […]

View the Metro Chiefs Bylaws

The California Metro Fire Chiefs Association updated their bylaws in 2019. View the update here.